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Label: Polyvinyl Records
Listen to: Beach Monster, While I’m Alive, Florida
It was through the grapevine – a grapevine in the shape of Youtube daily vlogger, Charles Trippy (Internet Killed Television / CTFxC) – that I discovered this band in 2010. Starfucker, stylised as STRFKR, are an electronic infused four piece hailing from Portland, Oregon and are what you would get if you threw the likes of Miniature Tigers and The XX into a mixer and pressed ‘go’. You may be wondering what the outcome of that would be, and the answer is simple: endless minutes of unadulterated awesome.

After signing to Illinois’ Polyvinyl Records, STRFKR have released two full length albums with their most recent, Miracle Mile, being released in February of this year. With songs that fit any kind of mood, the band can accompany you while you do anything from studying or driving to dancing as though you’re having the time of your life. It’s with Miracle Mile that the band are hopping across the big pond for a slew of UK tour dates this autumn, hitting Edinburgh’s Electric Circus on November 16th with Miracle Strip. They’ll be bringing their catchy, “foot tap worthy” songs along with them and their passion fueled live shows are sure to leave any fortunate passer-by a new but thoroughly satisfied fan.

Tickets for the band’s show can be bought at Ripping Records (Edinburgh), Tickets Scotland (Edinburgh & Glasgow) or through the venue itself.

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Fortune’s Oxjam & more- this week’s gigs

1379690_528759867194830_1671516582_n[1]Hello! This weekend in Edinburgh we welcome back the Oxjam Unsigned Festival. Over Friday and Saturday Oxjam gives us the opportunity to see some of the best names in the local music scene and all for a good cause too. The three venues hosting Oxjam this year are The Banshee Labyrinth, Bannermans Rock Club and The City Café. The notable acts on show over the weekend include Feast favourites Redolent and Victorian Trout Conspiracy. The festival also plays host to Sea Bass Kid, New Urban Frontier, Plastic Babies, Jamie & Shoony and one of Edinburgh’s hidden musical gems Matt Stockl. For all info on Oxjam click here

Outside of Oxjam Universal Thee play their fourth Edinburgh gig in two weeks as they support Plastic Babies at Sneaky Pete’s on Thursday night. With a cracking set, increasing audiences and national radio play Universal Thee are fast becoming the must see band in Edinburgh. Also on Thursday Meursault play support to Saint Motel in a free gig at The Caves and The Deep Red Sky play Electric Circus. On Saturday Bergen’s finest female rockers My Misspent Youth play Henry’s Cellar Bar and Song, By Toad Records have a showcase at The Pleasance with William Henry Arthur and Zed Penguin amongst the host of acts playing. Finally, if you fancy some early Halloween fun, Gin Goblins, Critikill and Geek Maggot Bingo play their yearly Halloween gig at Bannermans this weekend, it will be extremely loud and probably not one for the faint hearted. Happy Gigging!

Monday 21st

Grant Hart

Sneaky Pete’s 7pm £8

Euros Child

Cabaret Voltaire 7pm £10

Lach’s Antihoot Open Stage

Henry’s Cellar Bar 7pm Free

Brian Hogan

Malone’s 10pm Free

Alex Taylor

Finnegans Wake 10pm Free

Tuesday 22nd

Mike Heron & Trembling Bells

Electric Circus 8pm £10

Heather Peace

Voodoo Rooms 7.30pm £21

Alex Taylor, Pork Pie & The Diversions

Whistlebinkies 8pm Free


Black Bull9pm Free

Cherry Pickers

Finnegans Wake 10pm Free

Wednesday 23rd

Let’s Buy Happiness

Sneaky Pete’s 7pm £6

The Growlers & Tomorrows’ Tulips

Electric Circus 7pm £7.50

Swim Deep, Prides & Purple Emperors

Picture House 7pm £8


The Caves 7.15pm £16

Eddie Walker & Fraser Speirs

The Pleasance 7.30pm £10

Thursday 24th

Plastic Babies, Universal Thee & Little Love and The Friendly Vibes

Sneaky Pete’s 7pm

The Garden Gang

Citrus Club 7pm

The Deep Red Sky, Amidships & Owls In Antarctica

Electric Circus 7pm £4

Conquering Animal Sound, Little Buddha, Plum & Engine7

The Pleasance 7.30pm £7

Saint Motel, Meursault & Star Wheel Press

The Caves 8pm Free

Friday 25th

Oxjam Unsigned 2013: Victorian Trout Conspiracy, Redolent, New Urban Frontier, Let Love Rule, Another Blurry Photo & Lethalise

Bannermans Rock Club 8pm (£6 Day Ticket £10 Weekend Ticket)

Oxjam Unsigned 2013: The Jacarandas, My Electric Love Affair, Sonic Hearts Foundation, Kung Fu Academy, Where’s George & Lewis Kaye

The Banshee Labyrinth 8pm (£6 Day Ticket £10 Weekend Ticket)

Oxjam Unsigned 2013: See Bass Kid, Mad Tango, Green Tambourine Band, Keli Thomson, Rebecca Shearing & Becky and The Lunar Orchestra

The City Café 8pm (£6 Day Ticket £10 Weekend Ticket)

The Outer Church, Black Mountain Transmitter, Embla Quickbeam & Broken 3

Wee Red Bar 6pm £5

Three Blind Wolves

The Pleasance 7.30pm £8

Saturday 26th

Oxjam Unsigned 2013: Matt Stockl, Jamie and Shoony, Plastic Babies, The Violent Mood Swings, Frantic Chant, Gigantic Leaves, Isaac Webb and The Ransel Men, Georgia Gordon, Berg and Boys & Publisher Arno Blok

The City Café 5pm (£6 Day Ticket £10 Weekend Ticket)

Oxjam Unsigned 2013: Charly Houston, Folk Rag, Shuna Cook, Thirtythreeconnection, The Monalisa’s, Man of Moon & Collar Up

Banshee Labyrinth 5pm (£6 Day Ticket £10 Weekend Ticket)

My Misspent Youth & Mayonnaise

Henry’s Cellar Bar 7pm £5

Gin Goblins, Critikill & Geek Maggot Bingo

Bannermans Rock Club 8pm £5

William Henry Arthur, Le Thug, Naked, Plastic Animals & Zed Penguin

The Pleasance 7.30pm £12

Sunday 27th


Studio 24 7pm £10

Catfish Keith

The Voodoo Rooms 7.30pm £12

The Bermondsey Joyriders & Media Whores

Bannermans Rock Club 8pm £8

Holy Moly and The Crackers & Firedog Empire

Wee Red Bar 7pm £5

Lucky Red Hat

Belushi’s 6pm Free


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Album Review – TH!NK | Headspace

think 2I got TH!NK’s record a couple of weeks ago and I have been listening to it every day since. It’s full of top tracks with old school sounds and rhymes that are well-constructed, cool, funny and thought provoking; and if you’ll excuse the pun- I think that’s the point. Headspace shows TH!NK has a pretty cool record collection and his album is full of great samples, loops, beats that sits it on the wrong side of copyright clearance so this might be a collection of tunes that don’t stay around for ever.

There are a hell of a lot of standout tracks and this makes Headspace a pretty remarkable body of work. If I had to single of some tunes I’d start with his track Idris which I thought  was about Stringer Bell, simply because both the track and Idris Elba are cool as, but it turns out it uses a sample from a tune featuring  drumming legends Idris Muhammed. Consider me educated.

Mingus is also killer track which also has my second favourite funny as f**k lyric and rhymes that sum up a lot of people’s opinions on politics.

There are many reasons I have been listening to Headspace over and over; its packed full of real highlights, Natural has a rather wicked love letter to women that has one of the best sing-a-longs I’ve heard in a while, but it’s almost unfair to single out individual tracks as there are just so many great tunes. I had a long chat with TH!NK about his record. He wanted to make an album that gave people a window into his head and what occupies his mind.

Surprisingly for such a well-constructed collection, he hates mixing. He talked about how his tunes evolve from samples, loops, beats and rhymes. He also talked about making tunes quickly. This was something that he’s only learnt recently; the tunes you make and put together quickly have the best energy, the ones that take too long lose their power. Headspace been two or three years in the making and TH!NK has plenty more tunes, rhymes, and styles to push. Currently making his way through South America and up to New Orleans, I am sure he will find more inspiration along the way.  Check Headspace out sharpish.

Interview: Average Andy

D Feast Logo (lofi)Alternative rockers (with a punk ethos) “Average Andy” from Glasgow have been blasting your eardrums with music since 2012. Leah Curtis from Feast had a chat with the man who started it all.

Feast – So Andy, you actually started as a solo project in 2011. What made you gather a group of lovely people to play with you?

Average Andy – I started off the Average Andy project in 2011 with the intention of building it into a band. It wasn’t until mid-2012 that I started looking for band members. I wanted my music to have a richer more full bodied sound. Although, I often play acoustic gigs I wanted to play in an Alternative Rock band, and to get that I needed band members. I have been through more band members than Spinal Tap has drummers. This was due to the fact I like to work at a fast rate and a lot of players cannot keep up. I have found that a lot of players have a pessimistic attitude to making it. I have had good musicians play within the band before but the current line-up has been the most efficient and functional so far. Everyone is a top player and I am lucky to have them on board.

Feast –  So, what made you think of the name “Average Andy”?

Average Andy – The name Average Andy came about so I could have a sort of alter ego for the music so that I was more flexible in what I could write and could keep my music and personal life a bit separate. In my opinion the to have people check out your stuff as a musician you have to have a memorable name, it has to be found easily and if you are lucky it sounds cool or is interesting. The later not that important. So I chose Average Andy as my name is Andy, the name roles of the tongue, there was no one in music using the name and the name is rather unique. It also has a punk undertone to it. The Average man doing good. Also, I thought if I called my act Average Andy I wouldn’t have to worry about being flamboyant and people thinking I was egotistical. Surprise surprise, people think I have an ego with the name. Haha! The band is called Average Andy the way Jimmy Eat World etc. have a name in the title. If you Facebook or Google search the name we dominate the first two pages.

Feast – I’ll have to check that out then! Who is/are your biggest inspiration?

Average Andy – The other band members all have a number of their own influences. Mine are David Bowie, Billy Corgan, Kurt Cobain, Johnny Cash, Dave Grohl, Billy Joel Armstrong, The Rolling Stones to name a few in the music industry. I take a lot of influence from art, books, and online media as well. A few of my favourite writers are Philip K. Dick, Terry Pratchett, George Orwell and Aldous Huxley. I like the work of a number of philosophers such as Friedrich Nietzsche, Abraham Maslow and Socrates. I like Mark Twain’s work too.

Feast – Sounds awesome! Do you have a favourite record?

Average Andy – Ah…that is too hard to answer. That is like asking a musician do they have a particular air molecule they enjoying breathing. Of the top of my head, a number of albums that are albums I have enjoyed are “Hunky Dorey” by Bowie, “By the Way” by Red Hot Chili Peppers, “Trompe Le Monde” by The Pixies, “Rated R” by Queens of The Stoneage and “The Bends” by Radiohead.

Feast – Nice! If you had any superpower, what would it be and why?

Average Andy – I like the thought of self healing and anti- aging. Technology seems to be doing a decent job of that just now. Haha. Some sort of mind control that would let me tune everyone’s brain so there was no apathy and greed in the world. Tune in peoples thoughts so they can discuss ideas and come up with solutions that benefit mankind. Failing that the water to booze trick Jesus does. It would be great at parties.

Feast – Sounds cool! And finally, any advice for young people who are just starting off in a band? (Regardless of the genre of music they play)

Average Andy – Number one would have to be write good music. Let friends who are critical but who will not friends who get jealous rate your music. If you get a critical opinion from an honest bundle of friends that say your music is good then you know you are onto something. Let strangers here your music. If they like it then you know you are on the right track. Do not hang around people who are negative towards your music once you know it is good. They will only hold you back.

Second, don’t aim to be similar to a band. Aim to be better than them. It is hard to stand out nowadays and there is no point trying to be the next Paramore, Foo Fighters, Oasis etc. when there are plenty of bands like these about. Make your own sound. Take elements of sound from other bands but have your own sound. Do you want to have limited success and live in the shadow of a band or aim as high as possible?

Have an aim of where you want to be with the band. Then work back the way figuring out how to achieve this. You want to play T in the Park? Well who are the organisers and the people who will get you on the bill? Impress them. Find out which taste makes and gate keepers you need on your side and go impress them. You will need to work hard and play small gigs to build a fan base. Then play bigger gigs with known bands. Play gigs with promoters who work with the people who get you on to T in the Park and impress them. If you have several people who are respected by the organisers/people who put on T in the Park then they will check out your band and you are in the running for getting a slot.

Build a buzz for your band. At first people will not be interested in you. Keep at it. Keep building your fan base till whoever you want playing your music or writing about you has to do it because you are so popular. If you go to a local radio presenter and say that you have an online fan base of about 3,000 people and these people will probably listen to your show. Then chances are the presenter will play your track.

Build a band CV. Why should promoters, presenters, writers check you out? Good stats. If you have supported a number of known local bands, have a decent sized fan base etc. then these people will check you out and may work with you as you can sell their show, gig, online blog etc. Your band CV has to be better than 10,000 other band CV’s out there to get somewhere.

There are many other pieces of advice I can offer to bands. If you want to ask a question then feel free to PM the band on Facebook or tweet us on Twitter and we will get back to you.

The final piece of advice I will give here is DO NOT PLAY A PAY TO PLAY GIG. It is exploitation. The 90% of promoters that use this practice will not do anything to benefit your career. They actually hinder it as they will be taking away your hard earned income which you can be used to promote your band in a more efficient way. If you want to know which promoters to use around the central belt of Glasgow and the West coast of Scotland then message the band. We will share the info. We are currently working on our network around the North, East and South of Scotland too. If a gig really benefits you then play it for free. If not then expect to have a cut or be paid. DO NOT DO PAY TO PLAY GIGS. The promoter is putting money before your music.

Feast – Wow, thanks for that Andy! I’m sure a lot of people will be grateful for your advice! J

Average Andy – Thanks for the interview!

Average Andy’s upcoming gigs:

16th October 2013 – Supporting ifoundation for jogle 2014

19th October 2013 – Dundee Oxjam

27th October 2013 – Supporting “The Ratells”

You can find the boys on Facebook at:


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Haddowfest & more

Hello! Edinburgh serves up a truly phenomenal feast of music this week! Haddowfest returns on Friday and Saturday with a huge number of bands playing in various venues across the city. The Rifles, The Holy Ghosts, Dry the River and We Were Promised Jetpacks are the headliners with some quality bands further down the bill including Ded Rabbit, OK Social Club, Caravan Club & Death Ape Disco. You can get all the all the info on who’s playing here at

Outside of Haddowfest Johnny Marr & Ellie Goulding both play on Tuesday night at The Picture House and Usher Hall respectively. On Wednesday one of Jim Gellatly’s new favourite bands, Universal Thee, brace the stage at Bannermans where they deliver music that has been described as “reminiscent of The Pixies at their finest”, With support coming from Headshrinker and Fishing For Seagulls it will be a memorable night. Also on Wednesday the fantastic Redolent and Ruby McKinnell play The Voodoo Rooms. Furthermore Miaoux Miaoux, John Knox Sex Club, Lanterns on the Lake, Siobhan Wilson, Kathryn Williams and Victorian Trout Conspiracy are all playing this week. Rarely does any city anywhere produce such a sumptuous line-up in just one week. Happy Gigging!

Monday 7th

Blue Embrace & Neon Tetras

Bannermans Rock Club 8pm £5

Denys Baptiste

Usher Hall 7.30pm £16.50

Scholars & Copper Lungs

Electric Circus 7pm £6

Lach’s Antihoot Open Stage

Henry’s Cellar Bar 7pm Free

Nordic Giants, Vasa & Tidings

Cabaret Voltaire 7pm £5

Tuesday 8th

Johnny Marr

Picture House 7pm £19.50

Ellie Goulding

Usher Hall 7pm £19.50

Ed Muirhead

Henry’s Cellar Bar 7pm

Scott Cook

Leith Folk Club 7.30pm £7

Crosscut Saw & The Diversions

Whistlebikies 8pm


Wednesday 9th

Universal Thee, Headshrinker & Fishing For Seagulls

Bannermans Rock Club 8pm £5

Splashh, Charlie Boyer,  The Voyeurs & Deathcats

Electric Circus 7pm £9

Victorian Trout Conspiracy

The Blind Poet 10pm Free

Scotia, Redolent, The Rich & Ruby McKinnell

The Voodoo Rooms 7pm £5

Chris Finn, Let Love Rule, Kings Close & Splendid Gentlemen

Whistlebinkies 7pm

Thursday 10th

Miaoux Miaoux, Jonnie Common & Cairn String Quartet

The Pleasance 7.30pm £9

The Jim Jones Revue

The Caves 7pm £14

Bat-Bike & Fats Dominion

Henry’s Cellar Bar 7pm £5

Two Wings

Wee Red Bar 7pm £6


Picture House 7pm £19.50

Friday 11th

Haddowfest 2013 Day One

Various venues around Edinburgh (

Kathryn Williams & Alex Cornish

The Caves 7pm £15

The Ramonas

Electric Circus 7pm £8

John Knox Sex Club & Over The Wall

The Pleasance 7.30pm £6

The Spook School & Plastic Animals

Henry’s Cellar Bar 7pm £5

The Rifles & The Holy Ghosts

Picture House 6.30pm £15

Saturday 12th

Haddowfest 2013 Day Two

Various venues around Edinburgh (

Ahab, Matt Norris and the Moon & The Blind Dog

Electric Circus 7pm £7

Brown Brogues

Henry’s Cellar Bar 7pm £5

Rick Redbeard, Honeyblood, Law & Siobhan Wilson

The Pleasance  7.30pm £7

Lipsync For A Lullaby,  Your Loyal Subjects & Numbers Are Futile

The Voodoo Rooms 8pm £4

The Canyon & The Scabby Queen

Bannermans Rock Club 8pm £5

Sunday 13th

Lanterns On The Lake

Electric Circus 7pm £8

Culture Shock, Roots System, Big Fat Panda & Random Scandal

Citrus Club 7pm £10

Hooded Priest, Arkham Witch, Iron Void & Atragon

Bannermans Rock Club 7pm £6

The Simon Brett Band & Bannockburn

Whistlebinkies 9pm

Warsaw Village Band

The Jam House 7pm

Gig Listings 30th September- 6th October

Greetings and Fàilte! Another week of quality gigs coming up in Edinburgh this week. Amongst the big names in town this week are Laura Mvula, 2013 Glastonbury debutants Everything Everything and Ex-Razorlight frontman Johnny Borrell.

At the Usher Hall on Tuesday night is Joy Division Reworked, an ‘Electro-Orchestral reinterpretation’ of Joy Division’s best work ‘delivered in a unique audio-visual manner’. Having drawn many comparisons with Biffy Clyro and Jimmy Eat World Belfast’s best More Than Conquerers rock up in town at Sneaky Pete’s on Saturday night. Following on from spontaneous gigs in their local Asda (seriously, google it if you don’t believe me) Jamie and Shoony play the Liquid Rooms with Kooks-esque catchiness. Finally, for anyone out there who is a fan of Celtic Trad, you know who you are – you tell your housemates that you were channel flicking and just happened by chance to stop on BBC Alba, then Corran Raa are a must see. They formed, somewhat inevitably for a Trad band, on an uninhabited Hebridean Island and have had people jigging on both sides of the Atlantic ever since. So, once again, Dùn Èideann gives us a giant eclectic musical hug! Happy Gigging!

Monday 30th

Laura Mvula
Queens Hall 7pm £15
CJ Boyd, Mikael Lind & Convex Mancave
The Banshee Labyrinth 8pm £5
Dead Meadow
Sneaky Pete’s 7pm £8
Lach’s Antihoot Open Stage
Henry’s Cellar Bar 7pm Free
Muckle Flugga
Whiski Bar 9.30pm Free

Tuesday 1st
Joy Division Reworked
Usher Hall 8pm £18.50
Johnny Borrell, Zazou, Pat Dan Smyth & Z Berg
Cabaret Voltaire 7pm £10
Greg Trooper
Leith Folk Club 7.30pm £9
The Twang & Jaws
Electric Circus 7pm £14
The White Wizard, Monument & Toledo Steel
The Banshee Labyrinth 7pm

Wednesday 2nd
Gramme & Digital Jones
Electric Circus 7pm £7
Adam Holmes & The Embers
The Voodoo Rooms 7.30pm
The Jazz Bar 8pm £7
Corran Raa
Edinburgh Folk Club 8pm £10
The Imperfectionists
The Jazz Bar 6pm Free

Thursday 3rd
Bannermans Rock Club 8pm £7.50
Happy Chichester & New Killer Shoes
The Voodoo Rooms 7.30pm £8
The Revellers & Scaramanga
Cabaret Voltaire 7pm £5
Future Heroes
The Jazz Bar 11.30pm £3
Paul Gilbody & Siobhan Wilson
The Jazz Bar 9pm £5

Friday 4th
Trevino & Wasted Days
Bannermans Rock Club 8pm £5
Jamie and Shoony
The Liquid Room 7pm
The Little Kicks, King Eider &The Book Group
Wee Red Bar 7pm £5
Lorraine and The Borderlands
42 Royal Park Terrace 7pm
Let’s Say We Did, Et Tu Brute?! & Zed Penguins
Henry’s Cellar Bar 7.30pm £5

Saturday 5th
Johnny Flynn
The Pleasance 7pm £17
The Moon Kids, Huevo and The Giant, Sunset Abbey & THe Haar
Cabaret Voltaire 7.30pm £8
More Than Conquerers & A Fight You Can’t Win
Sneaky Pete’s 7pm £5
Spear Of Destiny
Electric Circus 7pm £13.50
Everything Everything
The Liquid Room 7pm £15

Sunday 6th
Sleeping With Sirens, The Summer Set, Hands Like House & The Getaway Plan
The Picturehouse 7pm £16
The Sunday Sinners
The Jazz Bar 11.30pm £3
Sister Sin, Honeycomb & Dirty Rotten Scoundrels
Bannermans Rock Club 8pm £8
The Jensen Interceptors & South
The Voodoo Rooms 7.30pm £8
Bannermans Open Mic
Bannermans Rock Club 3pm Free