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Gig Listing 23rd-29th September

Gig Listings 23rd – 29th September

Hello! There is a very international flavour to the gigs in Edinburgh this week. Auld Reekie plays host to a Maltese Death Metal band (Abysmal Torment), Norwegian Punk (Honningbarna), French Indie-Pop (Melanie Pain) and intentionally absurd Ska music from the Balkans (Bobok). Incidentally, Bobok claim that some of their music is inspired by “the absence of bananas in Siberian concentration camps” – obviously a burning issue in North Eastern Europe. Furthermore, some very big fish in the music world stop by to share their talent with us. English Folkster Laura Marling, US Guitar Virtuoso Joe Bonamassa, Brit-Pop survivor Tim Burgess and Scottish Album of the Year award winner RM Hubbert are all in town this week. Some head scratching decision making and rearranging of diaries appears to be in store for all of us. Happy Gigging!

Monday 23rd

The Primitives

Electric Circus 7pm £10

Fighting Fiction

Opium 7.30pm

Coldroad, Kings Gambit & Southpaws

Bannermans Rock Club 8pm £5

Akord, Mountains Under Oceans, We came From The North & Alphasky

Sneaky Pete’s 7pm

Lach’s Antihoot Open Stage

Henry’s Cellar Bar 7.30pm Free

Tuesday 24th


Electric Circus 7pm £6

Joe Bonamassa

The Edinburgh Playhouse 7pm £36-£76

Sarah Slean & Unkle Bob

The Voodoo Rooms 7.30pm £10

Violent Whispers, Lieutenant Tango & The Diversions

Whistlebinkies 8pm Free


Leith Folk Club (Victoria House Hotel) 7.30pm £7

Wednesday 25th

Laura Marling

Usher Hall 7pm £17.50

Tim Burgess, Hatcham Social &Velveteen Saints

The Pleasance 7.30pm £15.50

Beans On Toast

The Voodoo Rooms £7.30pm £6

Hanzel Und Gretel, Deadcell & Metaltech

Bannermans Rock Club 8pm £9

Chris Finn, Tombstone & Splendid Gentlemen

Whistlebinkies 7pm Free


Thursday 26th

RM Hubbert, Aidan Moffat & Craig B

Electric Circus 7pm £8


Wee Red Bar 7pm £5

Abysmal Torment, Inveracity & Neuroma

Bannermans Rock Club 8pm £10

Trace Bundy & Kat Healy

The Voodoo Rooms 7.30pm £9

Future Heroes

The Jazz Bar 11.30pm £3

Friday 27th

The Media Whores, The New Shmoo, Satellites, The Minionz, Columbia, The Signals, High Priority & Bond Jovi

The Liquid Room £5 6pm

Gerry Jablonski And The Electric Band & Main Street Blues

The Voodoo Rooms 7.30pm £8.50

Harvey Lanes, Cowboy Horrorshow & Dancing Mice

Henry’s Cellar Bar 7pm £5

AC Rid, The Omega Corridor & RJ Feathers Blues Band

Wee Red Bar 7pm £5

Billy Letford, The Wellgreen & Linden

Summerhall (The Meadows) 7pm £7

Saturday 28th

The Wynd

Henry’s Cellar Bar 7pm £5

Ben Poole

Bannermans Rock Club 8pm £8

Melanie Pain

Voodoo Rooms 7.30pm £12

Shock And Awe

Citrus Club 7pm £5

Led Astray

Electric Circus 7pm £8

Sunday 29th

John Gomm & Kat Healy

Voodoo Rooms 7.30pm £10

Spirit Kick, Rothschilde & Southpaws

Whistlebinkies 9pm Free


Bannermans Rock Club 3pm Free

Bedford Falls

Barony Bar 7.30pm Free

Joanna & Ged Milroy

Dalriada 3pm Free

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Live Review – WIRE at King Tuts Wah Wah Hut, Glasgow

King Tuts Glasgow
Wire do not reform as do other groups from the past, they reconvene. This has happened two or three times in fact since their illustrious beginnings, coinciding with the emergence of punk in the 1970’s. Three great albums were released starting with Pink Flag in 1977, quickly followed by Chairs Missing in 1978 and 154 in 1979, each wildly different from the other. If you’ve never heard these albums then the tracks below will give you a taste of their unique approach to music making.

After the release 154, Wire wrote songs which sadly never saw the light of day. This has now been corrected with the recent release of Change Becomes Us, a re-working of many of these songs which effectively would’ve been their fourth album.

At Kings Tuts tonight they showcase a handful of songs from this album including the mighty “Stealth of a Stork”, “Adore Your Island” and “Magic Bullet”. These are interspersed with tracks spanning their whole career to date from Pink Flag to 2011’s Red Barked Tree. Many of tonights songs such as the wonderful “Map Ref”, from Chairs Missing, clock in at under four minutes which demonstrate a restless energy within the band to continually push the boundaries of angular guitar pop.

Wire also included new tracks in their set due to be released on a new album in 2014, “Blogging for Jesus” and “ Flying Dutchman” which drove one member of the audience to chant for more familiar songs which Wire clearly had no intention of playing, causing Colin Newman to retort “someones only heard one Wire song”. There is no room for sentiment in Wire songs and the band don’t hang about on stage with either tuning up or exchanging pleasantries with the audience. Theirs is generation punk – existential.

Your Five A Day Feast!

Gig Listings 16th-22nd September

Monday 16th

Alistair Griffin: The York based singer-Songwriter continues his Foodbank Tour in which he donates his gig earnings to foodbanks across the UK in association with the Trussel Trust

The Outhouse 7.30pm £10

Joe Pug & Aaron Fyfe

Sneaky Pete’s 7pm £7.70

Lach’s Antihoot Open Stage

Henry’s Cellar Bar 7.30pm Free

Amy Dawson

Captains Bar 8.30pm Free


Earl of Marchmont 9pm Free

Tuesday 17th

Mick Hargan & Rachel Ann Weiss

Sneaky Pete’s 7pm

Stevi Zafani, Otoban & Splendid Gentlemen

Whistlebinkies 8pm Free

Knox and Ion

Usher Hall 11am £3

Sarah McQuaid

Victoria Park House Hotel 7.30pm £9

The Songwriters Cellar

Henry’s Cellar Bar 7pm Free

Wednesday 18th

The Magic Numbers: The Stodart and Gannon siblings continue to deliver indie-pop of the catchiest calibre. With six Top 40 singles and three Top 40 albums already under their belts The Magic Numbers have managed to mantain popularity without major publicity.

The Pleasance 7.30pm £15.50

The Foo Birds

Wee Red Bar 7pm £4

Brave Yesterday

Bannermans Rock Club 8pm £4

Jim Malcolm

Edinburgh Folk Club 8pm £10

Jack Badcock & Ciaran Ryan

Captains Bar 8.30pm Free

Thursday 19th

RM Hubbert, Aidan Moffat, Rick Redbeard & More

The Jam House 7pm £10

Human is Not Alone: Fat Goth, United Fruit, Hey Enemy & Vasquez

Electric Circus 7.30pm £6

Let’s Play God

Bannermans Rock Club 8pm £4

New Urban Frontier, Makak & Wavy Blue

Henry’s Cellar Bar 8pm £5

Mr McFall’s Chamber

The Liquid Room 7pm £14

Friday 20th

Caravan Club, Black Riot Valves, The Rhemedies & The Litigators

Sneaky Pete’s 7pm £6

Big Fat Panda & Post Oragasmic Sunshine Band

Bannermans Rock Club 8pm £5

Dapitz, Subvision, The Phlegm &Last Stand

Henry’s Cellar Bar 7pm £5

Full Moon Freaks, The Pumpin Jehsofatz & The Bloodslugs

Wee Red Bar 7pm £5

The Wave Pictures & Miracle Strip

The Pleasance 8pm £7

Saturday 21st

Boyce Avenue

The Liquid Room 7pm £25

Cullan, Donny Willow, Miasma & The Saccharines

Sneaky Pete’s 7pm £5

Exit Calm & Delta Machine

Electric Circus 7pm £7

Mechanical Arms, Vertebrea & These Fading Polaroids

Cabaret Voltaire 7pm £5

Stuart Davis

Bannermans Rock Club 8pm £7

Sunday 22nd

65daysofstatic & Sleepmakeswaves: Since releasing their debut album, The Fall of Math, to critical acclaim in 2004, 65daysofstatic have been peculiarly under the radar. They play The Liquid Room as part of a small UK Tour to promote their fifth studio album Wild Light.

The Liquid Room 7pm £13.50

Royal Southern Brotherhood

The Caves 7pm £17.50

Sea Bass Kid & Macpolvo

Whistlebinkies 9.30pm Free

Absent Friends

Finnegans Wake 10pm Free

Fintan Hunt & Ray Considine

Malones 5pm Free

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Linkylea Festival 2013 – Review

Linkylee LogoWell… I am not going to write about everything I did, rather I am going to write about what I can remember. Linkylea is a small boutique festival situated for the first time this year in Coulstoun Estate, near Haddington. It has been running for about nine years and it’s a charity festival with all the profits going to disadvantaged children and young adults in Gwalior, India – so far it has raised around £35000.

Its run from Friday teatime till the wee small hours, and Saturday all day till about 3am. You can camp from Friday till Sunday morning, or drop in fresh and clean for Saturday when the festival is in full swing. On site there are two stages for bands, a dance tent and several other activities and stalls for adults and kids. I could only make it for a couple of hours on Friday night which was a real shame, but I did catch Jamie & Shoony who were fantastic. They are Radio Forth’s “one to watch” of 2012, and you can see why as they have great stage presence and some really catchy tunes. I caught up with “&” from Jamie & Shoony, who is drummer Richard Neil, and hopefully Feast will be doing some recording with these guys soon.



Later on I had a wander around and caught up with a few of the bands playing on Friday and Saturday and most of them were camping despite the torrential rain on Friday night. I also popped into the dance tent and caught up with the Chappel Perilous Sound System crew who have had a busy summer supplying their humungous sound system for Linkylea, Audiosoup and Glastonbury. I was really disappointed not to the catch Battle of the Zoo later but they were on well past my bedtime. I heard they had an absolute blinder of a set.

I arrived on Saturday to sunshine and I managed to stay for about 7 hours and catch so much more that Friday. I saw a few songs by Folk Rag who had some beautifully crafted songs with truly lovely vocals and harmonies from Pete and Lisalot. I chatted to David from the band and again we are looking forward to working with these guys in the future. I also had the pleasure of bumping into promoter Steven Mackay who is always great company and always involved in looking for new music. He introduced me to Georgia Gordon who has a wonderful voice and played a sweet set .If you are a sucker for singer/songwriters, Georgia is very good indeed. I couldn’t be everywhere at once and there were just too many musicians I missed. Shuna Cook got great feedback when I asked around and I look forward to hear more of her stuff when it comes out – she could be one to watch.

Feast had brought a couple of bands to the festival and I cannot over-emphasize how good they both were. When Man of Moon played they created such a spell on the audience that by the end there was a crowd chant of their name. Mike and Chris are such talented song writers and musicians and Feast is really looking forward to working with them on a couple of videos and their debut E.P. which should be coming out early next year.



Redolent rather honourably swapped sets with Man of Moon due to Chris having to split early.  Three of the band had camped on Wet Friday but this had not dampened their spirits. By the time they came on at 7pm, they hit the ground running. I have seen them about three times and they have only played about 20 gigs. Even still, they are getting better each time. Still a wee bit shy onstage but with such great sounding tracks and skill they just keep getting better and better. I know I am a sucker for new music with strong vocals and layers of talent because that what Redolent have.  The front of house mix by Brian Jones (an ex-student of Edinburgh College) was the best I have heard from these guys, and it made all their songs sound magnificent.

RED 51


There were so many other highlights from Linkylea but I am sorry to say I missed the Stagger Rats, the Merrylees and the Victorian Trouts which was a real shame. You can never catch all the bands you want when you go to a festival.

I would like to thank so many people for making Linklylea so brawsome; Bonnie , Callum, Granny Radge, and many more,  have wokered so hard to built such a cool festival.

I would however like to give special thanks to all the students and ex-students from Edinburgh College who did such a good job running the sound for both tents, playing on stage, and photographing the whole thing. You know who you are and you were all great.

I salute you all and look forward to keeping on working together. Well done.ß

Edinburgh Gig Listings 9th-15th September

Monday 9th

Lach’s Antihoot Open Stage
Henry’s Cellar Bar 7.30pm Free
Ross Arthur
Bannermans Rock Club 8pm £4
Ewan Forfar
Captain’s Bar 8.30pm Free
Graeme E. Pearson
Black Bull 9pm Free
Ken Johnston
White Hart Inn 9pm Free

Tuesday 10th

The View, OK Social Club & Radio 1’s Ally McCrae: Mercury Nominated The View look to cement their place in the hearts of a new generation of indie music fans at this year’s Freshers week. Expect the usual catchy songs and guitar riffs blended with onstage hijinks. Support provided by Edinburgh’s up and coming OK Social Club with the event hosted by BBC Radio’s Ally McCrae.
Potterow Venue 8pm £10

Greg Kristine, The Rich & The Diversions
Whistlebinkies 8pm
Craig Finnie & Friends
The Blind Poet 9pm Free
Declan Hegarty
Black Bull 9pm Free
Martina Cannon
Ale House 9.30pm Free

Wednesday 11th

Adrian Boyle, The Litigators & Matt Stockl: Having built up a cult following in his native Ireland, Adrian Boyle makes his live UK Debut. The Litigators deliver a modern take on 60s Blues/Rock with Scottish swagger and Matt Stockl continues to charm his audiences with soulful and somewhat strange musical outpourings.
Bannermans Rock Club 8pm £5

Stu Larsen & Natsuki Kurai
The Caves 7pm £7.95
Chris Finn, Clash Livi Rockers & Splendid Gentlemen
Whistlebinkies 7pm
Second Hand
Malones 10pm Free
Andy McCabe
Mitre 9.30pm Free

Thursday 12th

The Deep Red Sky, Al Shields & The Blind Dog
The Voodoo Rooms 7.30pm £5
Ryan Morcombe, Big Tuna & Glamour and the Baybes
Whistlebinkies 7pm Free
The Scams, King Lizard, Fuzz Drivers & Pyscho Sunday
Bannermans Rock Club 7pm £6
Justin Currie
The Queens Hall 7pm £20
Freshers week Student Band Night
Teviot, Underground 8pm Free

Friday 13th

Old Earth, Hiva Oa & Mat Riviere: This trio of acts delivers low key experimental electronica/indie that falls somewhere in the bracket between Spiritualized and Jónsi Þór Birgisson.
Henry’s Cellar Bar 7pm

Stubborn Heart
Sneaky Pete’s 7pm £6
Bluesoul, Joy & Superhouse
Whistlebinkies 7pm £4
Propaganda Rock n’ Roll Party
The Liquid Rooms 10.30pm
Murray Sim, Aimee Russell & Megan Swanson
Cabaret Voltaire 7pm £5

Saturday 14th

The Rhemedies & Support
The Citrus Club 7pm £8
Adam Stafford, Thank You So Nice & Et Tu Brute???
The Voodoo Rooms 7.30pm £6
Warrior Soul, Ritual Spirit, I.C.O.N &Paper Beats Rock
Bannermans Rock Club 8pm £11
Ged Hanley Trio, Safehouse & U Know How
Whistlebinkies 7pm
The Martyn Bennett Prize Concert
The Queen’s Hall 8pm £15

Sunday 15th

Pumajaw, Candythief & Jo Foster (Single Launch Party)
The Voodoo Rooms 7.30pm Free
The Falling Rain, Red Command & Ale Shores
Sneaky Pete’s 7pm £5
The Russ Tippins Band
Bannermans Rock Club 8pm £8
Richt Hoat Chillis & Bannockburn
Whistlebinkies 9.30pm Free
We’re Not Iguanas
Blind Poet 10pm Free

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Interview – Julian Ruppel, Sound Technician

Blazing lights, the stamping of feet, the clapping of hands, the music that gives you Goosebumps. The crowd fixated on the band taking the stage. But what about the people that make it happen?  Leah Curtis at Feast had a chat with Julian Ruppel, a young sound technician from Germany, about what it’s like to work in the job.
1. Hi Julian! A lot of people know you as the sound technician for the Stuttgart Metalcore band “We Set Our Dreams”. How did this come about?
Hi Leah! Yes, you’re right. I met the boys at a gig that they were playing, and where I was booked to do the live sound. Something sparked between us and since then I’ve been on the road with them and did the sound for them at their EP release show in March.
2. Wow! You went on tour with the boys when they released that EP (Humanity). How was it for you?

I had a great time with the boys. During the tour, the relationship between us changed from job to friendship. I enjoy being on the road with them. It was nice to see that the time they put into “Humanity” really paid off, it’s a great EP with great songs.
3. You created your own Events Company (Stay True), which came about whilst you were still doing an apprenticeship and working part time at a venue. Was it hard to juggle all of these things at once?
It was alright. “Stay True” is primarily a project to be able to show what I can do, to apply myself as a sound technician, but also to be able to put on shows that aren’t too expensive, but still have an amazing line-up. But I spent a lot of my free time on it, so it wasn’t too hard to do everything.
4. How long have you been doing this kind of thing? What made you want to get into the job?

I’ve been doing it for nine years now. Back when I first started it was the technical side and my interest n music that got me into it. I don’t play an instrument, so I started on the mixing desk and found out that I enjoyed it.
5. Sounds great! Is it sometimes difficult to work with bands or are there any arguments with members of the gig audience?
It’s only difficult when the bands get it into their heads that what the sound guy is saying means nothing and then don’t listen to you. That’s where there’s sometimes an argument. I never really get into arguments with members of the audience, most of the time they just complain about how loud it is (and these are the people who are standing right next to the PA, so it’s no wonder) or they’re just drunk and endanger the equipment with drinks.
6. One last question. Do you have any advice for any budding sound technicians?
Don’t let anyone tell you how to work. Everyone has their own way and “style” of how the do it.
Thank you for your time Julian! I wish you all the best and good luck!
No problem! Was a pleasure and thank you!

Posted by Leah Curtis