Your Five A Day Feast!

Gig Listings 16th-22nd September

Monday 16th

Alistair Griffin: The York based singer-Songwriter continues his Foodbank Tour in which he donates his gig earnings to foodbanks across the UK in association with the Trussel Trust

The Outhouse 7.30pm £10

Joe Pug & Aaron Fyfe

Sneaky Pete’s 7pm £7.70

Lach’s Antihoot Open Stage

Henry’s Cellar Bar 7.30pm Free

Amy Dawson

Captains Bar 8.30pm Free


Earl of Marchmont 9pm Free

Tuesday 17th

Mick Hargan & Rachel Ann Weiss

Sneaky Pete’s 7pm

Stevi Zafani, Otoban & Splendid Gentlemen

Whistlebinkies 8pm Free

Knox and Ion

Usher Hall 11am £3

Sarah McQuaid

Victoria Park House Hotel 7.30pm £9

The Songwriters Cellar

Henry’s Cellar Bar 7pm Free

Wednesday 18th

The Magic Numbers: The Stodart and Gannon siblings continue to deliver indie-pop of the catchiest calibre. With six Top 40 singles and three Top 40 albums already under their belts The Magic Numbers have managed to mantain popularity without major publicity.

The Pleasance 7.30pm £15.50

The Foo Birds

Wee Red Bar 7pm £4

Brave Yesterday

Bannermans Rock Club 8pm £4

Jim Malcolm

Edinburgh Folk Club 8pm £10

Jack Badcock & Ciaran Ryan

Captains Bar 8.30pm Free

Thursday 19th

RM Hubbert, Aidan Moffat, Rick Redbeard & More

The Jam House 7pm £10

Human is Not Alone: Fat Goth, United Fruit, Hey Enemy & Vasquez

Electric Circus 7.30pm £6

Let’s Play God

Bannermans Rock Club 8pm £4

New Urban Frontier, Makak & Wavy Blue

Henry’s Cellar Bar 8pm £5

Mr McFall’s Chamber

The Liquid Room 7pm £14

Friday 20th

Caravan Club, Black Riot Valves, The Rhemedies & The Litigators

Sneaky Pete’s 7pm £6

Big Fat Panda & Post Oragasmic Sunshine Band

Bannermans Rock Club 8pm £5

Dapitz, Subvision, The Phlegm &Last Stand

Henry’s Cellar Bar 7pm £5

Full Moon Freaks, The Pumpin Jehsofatz & The Bloodslugs

Wee Red Bar 7pm £5

The Wave Pictures & Miracle Strip

The Pleasance 8pm £7

Saturday 21st

Boyce Avenue

The Liquid Room 7pm £25

Cullan, Donny Willow, Miasma & The Saccharines

Sneaky Pete’s 7pm £5

Exit Calm & Delta Machine

Electric Circus 7pm £7

Mechanical Arms, Vertebrea & These Fading Polaroids

Cabaret Voltaire 7pm £5

Stuart Davis

Bannermans Rock Club 8pm £7

Sunday 22nd

65daysofstatic & Sleepmakeswaves: Since releasing their debut album, The Fall of Math, to critical acclaim in 2004, 65daysofstatic have been peculiarly under the radar. They play The Liquid Room as part of a small UK Tour to promote their fifth studio album Wild Light.

The Liquid Room 7pm £13.50

Royal Southern Brotherhood

The Caves 7pm £17.50

Sea Bass Kid & Macpolvo

Whistlebinkies 9.30pm Free

Absent Friends

Finnegans Wake 10pm Free

Fintan Hunt & Ray Considine

Malones 5pm Free

Posted by James Scott