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Becky & The Lunar Orchestra – E.P. Review

Becky & the Lunar Orchestra Ep CoverI first heard about Becky and the Lunar Orchestra from Thisis Feast’s media bezzies, Edinburgh Undersound, who are very enthusiastic fans.

There are a really wide range of styles demonstrated in this strong E.P and with six members Becky and the Lunar Orchestra has the ability to produce a range of tracks that go to some really nice sounding places. For me, Questioning and Madrigal stand out as the best tracks. I have been listening to Questioning on loop for a fair wee while, with shades of Otis Redding, and Lianne La Havas mixed with Amy Winehouse, this is a lovely track with beautiful vocals that sound familiar but are original enough to have their own distinct and rather pleasant sound. Tune!

Madrigal is the other stand out track which again has really strong personality and sound.  This is a pretty moody track but Becky Sikasa’s vocals lend it a really sweet feel, this is a very different sound to Questioning and its shows the band are versatile writers and performers because its another great tune.

Plastic Toys and Cabaret don’t come across on record as much as they could, and these two tracks they don’t quite reach the same level of production with superficial inconsistencies with the final mix that could be ironed out quite easily, making the record more cohesive. Live and I am sure gigs with Becky and the Lunar Orchestra could have moments in them where the hairs on the back of your neck would stand on end, because they have got some songs that have the beginning of something that could be really, really good. The are away in July on a German tour but look out for them playing in Scotland soon and go and see them if you can.