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New Music Monday ~ Playlist #1

This week we have created a playlist for you of our new songs from some great Scottish artists. Featuring songs from 2020 and a couple from the tail end of 2019 (there are a few less new tunes kicking about right now!), our first Feast playlist includes music from Walt Disco, Fistymuffs, Siobhan Wilson, Mt. Doubt, Goodnight Louisa, The Moon Kids and GRAVELLE and more.

Have we missed your favourite track? Want your music featured on our next playlist? Message us on Facebook or email to let us know!

Fistymuffs ~ We Fight

Welcome to a new section of the blog, New Music Mondays, where we will be discussing new releases from local acts as well as great music from artists further afield.

First up it’s local grrrl’s Fistymuffs. This political punk/riot grrrl band is made up of performance poet Suky Goodfellow on guitar and vocals, DJ Nikki Fixx on drums, and bass and vocals from one of our ex Music Business students, and now Artist in Residence, Ashley Stein.

Fistymuffs have been gigging extensively since 2016 and have played with many notable acts, including Screaming Females, Lou Mclean Music, Gravelle, Sløtface, Petrol Girls and War On Women. Their lyrics are powerful and sometimes tackle dark subjects such as abuse in relationships and suicidal feelings, but always leave the listener feeling empowered, knowing that a better life is possible. Fistymuffs aim to empower people with their music and have been known to inspire other women to start their own bands.

This new record, We Fight, comes almost two years after the release of their debut EP, About Time, which focused on escaping abusive relationships, unwanted groping and bringing down the patriarchy. This new record sees the band tackle wider social issues while still managing to keep a personal tone to the lyrics. The opening track, Hey You!, is a literal call to arms, asking the listener to get active, stand up for themselves and fight back against our capitalist society. Gentrification of Leith discusses the #saveleithwalk campaign which was headed up by Leith Depot, the bands favourite venue and the place where they recorded their first EP, About Time. Riots Not Diets breaks down the indigestible truth of diet culture, while Survivors Write History is a powerful exploration of choosing life over the alternative.

Fistymuffs sound has also notably developed. Whilst their signature rhythmic changes are still ever present (see Innocent Contact from their first record as a good example of this!), the band have incorporated their communal love of post-punk on to many of the tracks. Most obviously tinted with this shared influence is Survivors Write History, where Suky has introduced a subtle yet arresting synth section to the mix.

So, whether you’re tackling diet culture, fighting gentrification, surviving depression or just want to be part of the revolution, there’s something on this record for everyone. You can buy We Fight from Fistymuffs Bandcamp page, or check out their music from any of their socials below: