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Live Review – Willie J Healey, King Tut’s, Glasgow

Glasgow was the first stop on tour for Oxfordshire’s prodigal son, Willie J Healey, on Wednesday night. King Tut’s provided the perfect venue for the garage rocker and his band to kick off their jaunt around the UK.

BE GOOD were tasked with opening up the evening. The groovy, indie pop quartet from Oxford took us through a set of well crafted songs that more than certainly made them a bunch of new fans north of the border.

By the time Willie J Healey snaked his way to the stage with his Jazzmaster in hand, the crowd were more than ready. It was Healey’s first time playing the Wah Wah Hut and his set couldn’t have got off to a better start as he launched into the soaring ‘My Room.’

Just as it does on the Oxford youngster’s debut album, ‘My Room’ transitioned smoothly into ‘Somewhere In Between’ and then ‘All Those Things.’ But it wasn’t just old favourites on the agenda, latest singles ‘Songs for Joanna’ and ‘Polyphonic Love’ went down a treat.

Willie can switch up styles as often as often as he starts a new song, and in among all the thrashing guitars and wild solos, there were quieter moments. ‘Lovelawn’ and ‘Guitar Music’ provided some chilled saxophone sounds, with the latter being preceded by Willie’s declaration that it was ‘time to boogie.’

Bringing the set to a close, Healey gave us a rip-roaring ‘Lazy Shade of Pink’ before his band left the stage and he brought it all to an end on his own with the beautiful ‘We Should Hang.’ The best possible way to close a triumphant King Tuts debut for Willie J Healey.

Willie J Healey’s new EP ‘Hello Good Morning,’ is released on November 15th on Yala! Records.

Posted by: Craig Pool


NEW ORDER – Power, Corruption & Lies (Released: 2nd May 1983)

New Order PC&L
New Order performed for the first time in Glasgow at Eglinton Toll Plaza in January 1981. They would release their first single ‘Ceremony’ two months later and their debut album ‘Movement’ would appear in November of that year. They would perform at Glasgow Tiffany’s in April 1983 to promote the release of their next album, ‘Power, Corruption & Lies’.

By the time of the Tiffany’s gig New Order had arrived, distinctively different form the Plaza show. Included in that set was ‘Blue Monday’, ‘Temptation’ and ‘Confusion’ which would be produced by Arthur Baker who had also produced the Kraftwerk influenced ‘Planet Rock’ by Afrika Bambaataa. ‘Power, Corruption & Lies’ is a beautiful record from the sleeve design by Peter Saville, to the songs and the production by New Order (Bernard Sumner and Peter Hook had watched and learned from Martin Hannett). The title of the album was chosen by Bernard Sumner from a 1981 conceptual art exhibition in Cologne, Germany. On the opening night of the exhibition the artist Gerhard Richter vandalised the exterior of the Kunsthalle by spray painting the text, “Power, Corruption, and Lies. Still seems a very apt title given today’s political climate.
New Order creates it! FEAST rates it!

TONIGHT! FEASTIVAL: Feast’s Annual Blog Party @ Sneaky Pete’s feat: Brainglue, Forrest Can’t Run, Crow Moon, The Party Slogan

FEAST’s annual ‘blog party’ celebrates its sixth birthday. We like lots of new music, especially from Edinburgh and write about some of the most exciting music being created across the city.
For this year’s party we are delighted to showcase four bands each launching their new single:
Feast poster

BRAINGLUE – Brainglue is a four-piece Garage-Punk band, from Perth, Scotland. They have a unique style of mixing Garage-Rock with Punk music, and elements of Reverb/Noise thrown in. Pieced together with intricate lyrics. They bring a highly energetic, and sweaty live performance to every venue they play, a show not to be missed. BRAINGLUE will be launching their new single ‘Psychotherapy’ Facebook

CROW MOON – The Glasgow-based quartet began as the brainchild of frontman Max Murphy in the summer of 2016. With the addition of Casey Cochrane, Angus Allen & Charlie Grimble in 2017, Crow Moon began to re-invent their bluesy roots and re-establish themselves under the elusive veil of Progressive Rock. – CROW MOON will be releasing their debut single ‘Senescence’ 20/04/18 –

FORREST CAN’T RUN – is a up-and-coming Pop-Punk band from Edinburgh. With there catchy songs and infectious energy, the boys always have fun on stage and entertain the crowd. – FORREST CAN’T RUN will be launching their new single ‘Stephanie’. Facebook

THE PARTY SLOGAN – The Party Slogan are an Edinburgh band formed in 2016. Their sound comprises three guitars and keyboards on top of a powerhouse rhythm section. The band have taken song writing influences from 80’s post-punk and alternative rock through to the sonic influence of garage rock revival. – THE PARTY SLOGAN will be launching their new single ‘Addiction’. Facebook
Big shoutouts to Pollination Records, Lazarus Records, Green Frog Records and 8-Track Records.

Feast’s Annual Blog Party (in association with Edinburgh College’s Glow Festival)
Sneaky Pete’s
£5 on the door or tix here https://www.fatsoma.com/sneakypetes/jugtk2c0/feast-s-annual-blog-party

Live Preview – Nasari, The Mash House, Edinburgh, Thursday 14/12/17

Local band and Edinburgh College Music Business students NASARI will play their first headline show tonight at The Mash House supported by WYLDE and PLEASURE HEADS. Taking influences from DIIV, Peace, Ride and Slowdive, Nasari’s sound is filled with high energy and lots of noise combined with melodic indie-like riffs. FEAST were really taken with them after seeing them ably supporting The Ninth Wave at The Mash House.

One of their best performances was captured by Edinburgh video blog Keep The Heid which is run by Matthew O’Malley, currently completing Music Business at Edinburgh College.

Nasari play The Mash House TONIGHT!! Tickets Nasari @ The Mash House
Facebook Nasari

Post Electric Studios, Leith – The FEAST Interview

We were delighted when the guys from Post Electric Studios invited us in for a chat and allowed us to compile a short film. It’s truly a great place to record and the equipment they have down there will be the envy of every studio. Feast met up with studio head, Rod Jones (the same Rod Jones of Idlewild!) to discuss his role at Post Electric Studios and his approach to working with artists. Top Tip: just remember to bring biscuits!

1. What job do you do?
Well….many I guess although I wouldn’t call any of them jobs as I enjoy them too much. I produce records, play and write in Idlewild and my solo work and also am involved in metal health and music charities.
2. How did you get into music?
My parents are both classical musicians so it was in my blood.
3. What do you do for your job?
In producing I work with trying to get the best out if a band or artist and their music. This can involve anything from song arrangements, making them feel comfortable, encouraging them, helping them to envisage and realise their creative vision all the way to setting up microphones and trying to capture the song in the most creative and sonically engaging way.
4. What’s the best thing about your job?
Getting to work with a vast array of creative people from many different backgrounds both sonically and personally.
5. And the worst thing?
The long hours and when the artist forgets to bring biscuits.
6. How do you approach working with a band/artist?
It varies from person to person. An important part of Producing is being able to adapt and make whoever you are working with feel comfortable, inspired and free to create. You have to adapt to different personalities and know when to be good cop / bad cop…..
7. What the best bit of advice could give to band before they come in for a session? Practice!
8. How do you get musicians to perform in the studio? (how do you keep the energy of a studio session?)
Again, its about reading the situation and knowing when to have a break oratory something new. There is no formula unfortunately. You just have to try and become a temporary member of the band almost. If you care as much as they do about their recording / song then that’s a good place to start.
9. What would be the major reasons to go into a professional studio over a home recording set-up?
Quality and Committing to an idea. Home studio set up can be great and creative but often this gives you an open ended session. Sometimes its good to have a set amount of time and be in that moment. Commit to a sound or vision and make it the best to can be. Some things can be recorded well in any home studio but obviously some can’t. Its fairly easy to fake it now but its never quite as good as the real thing.
10. What about the room, what kind of difference does that make?
All the difference. There is no substitute for it. You can have the best microphones and console in the world but all they will capture is what they are in front of (unless they are omni / bi directional….). The same mics in the same position relative to the same drum kit will donut great in one room and awful in the next. A well treated, good vibes room will always make your job easier.
11. What software do you use?
Whatever the project dictates. For recording almost always Pro Tools.
12. What is your favourite compressors, and why?
The SSL bus compressor is hard to beat. It glues a mix together in a great way.
13. What is your favourite Microphone, and why?
Coles 4038 (preferably two of them).
14. What kind of processing to you do to “tape”?
EQ, some compression. Again depends. If we are committing to a specific sound then delay, flange, anything really.
15. Do you edit drums to get the best take?
Sometimes yes. Depends on the drummer and how well they paid attention to answer number 7……

16. What’s the best advice for a vocal session?
Try to get a performance rather than perfection. The vocal is usually the centrepiece and has to have a vibe and life to it.
17. What do you like about the sound of the Duality?
Its super clean and low noise. Its not so much about character as some consoles but it is very versatile.
18. In your opinion, what classifies as a good mix and a good master?
One that engages the listener. Its not about perfection for me, more about making the listener enjoy the song. Dynamics or character are super important.
19. What’s your working style?
Smooth canyon.
20. Who have you been listening to recently?
I’m often listening to old favourites as references for whatever session I’m working on so currently a lot of 90s alternative rock like Dinosaur Jr, Guided by Voices and some modern twists on this like Car Seat Headrest.
21. What qualities should a studio engineer have?
They need to be attentive, focused, personable and patient.
22. What qualities should a producer have?
See above plus creativity.
23. How important is it to you to capture the performance of the band/artist?
Incredibly important. Otherwise you should just type in the song by midi. Vibe and feeling are often overlooked, surprisingly in bedroom recording as there is so much programming and midi involved. Making a record sound real and giving it personality is something that is so much easier when musicians are performing.

Post Electric Studio
100 Constitution St, Edinburgh EH6 6AW

Film by Ewan Petit
Posted by Paul.

Electric Fields Festival 2017 – Preview

Electric Fields
Returning to the stunning grounds of Drumlanrig Castle in Dumfries & Galloway for its fourth outing, Electric Fields offers an incredible, diverse musical line up.
Scotland’s best small festival punches well above its weight and offers something for everyone for the last festival fling of the summer.
Electric Fields 2

With just over a week to go, until we are in the lush, sunny surroundings Drumlanrig Castle, here are Feast’s top picks for the weekend.
Car Seat Headrest/ Will Toledo not only set the archetype for modern DIY success – from 2010 he solo-recorded and self-released 12 albums and EPs on Bandcamp before Matador signed him. Last year’s ‘Teens Of Denial’ album was received to wide acclaim, and as Will doesn’t tour much, it will be interesting to witness the lo-fi prodigy, backed up with a full band.

Rolling Blackouts Coastal Fever has already crossed that ‘next big thing’ threshold with their deal with Sub Pop, critical acclaim and a reputation for bristling live shows. They’ve been likened to the War On Drugs and Real Estate with a nod to Orange Juice and The Strokes. We cannot wait to check out the Melbourne band.
After, her storming Glastonbury set, Kate Tempest is sure to high on most of Electric Field’s attendees’ agenda. Given, the world’s current affairs, the narrative and lyrical brilliance of her will deliver an emotional punch. We expect the poet to deliver one of festival’s defining sets.
Kilwinning’s Crash Club will tear up the Tenement TV stage, when they grace the stage. Every time, Feast has seen the band, we have been blown away by their take of electro-rock. It’s going to be loud, pounding and sweaty.
Frightened Rabbit’s headline show will be a big, bold celebration of how far the band has come. It’s going to be a rousing mass sing along.
If tracks such as the 12 minute ‘No Way Back to Lunch’ is anything to go by, And Yet It Moves are going to bring an intense cacophony of noise. It’s going to get loud!
Rascalton have been picking up wide acclaim with their energetic, exuberant punk shows. Expect to hear a lot from this young Glasgow band.
Lord Of The Isles has spent numerous years on the road, honing his live show across and DJ sets across discerning dance floors to the best club and festivals the world has to offer and picking up huge acclaim from Mixmag and Resident Advisor. We only heard a snippet of his set at Primavera, so we are looking forward to seeing what the Scottish producer is going to bring to EF.
Electric Fields 3

Electric Fields will also showcase an electronic line up led by Glasgow legend Jackmaster, known for his ability to intersect and mash up an array of genres in just a few short hours. Expect an exhilarating set as he headlines the Sneaky Pete’s stage with Artwork, Denis Sulta, and Space Dimension Controller also announced.

New for this year, Electric Fields also has stages put together by two of Scotland’s principle new and exciting music clouts, showcasing a diverse and cutting edge line up across the Tenement TV Discover Stage, and a new stage curated by Vic Galloway, so do drop by the stages for rousing and eclectic music from around the UK and beyond.
As well as a thrilling musical line-up, Electric Fields will this year be expanding its food and drink area with Edinburgh’s drooling-inducing The Pitt creating a new bespoke food village, along with a Hoot the Redeemer pop-up cocktail bar.

Tickets are almost SOLD OUT so if you don’t want to miss out on one of the best weekends of the year- you better be quick. We’ll see you in the fields!
Electric Fields 4

Posted by Stacy Rowan


Feastival is FEAST’s annual ‘blog party’ celebrating our fifth birthday. We like lots of new music, especially from Edinburgh and write about some of the most exciting music being created across the city.

For this year’s party we are delighted to showcase two bands we think have a great sound: NOAHNOAH and POSABLE ACTION FIGURES.

NOAH NOAH press shot

NOAHNOAH presents a unique look at indie/electro/pop/rock and keep you engaged with close harmony and tight, driving synth. Taking influence from major and local bands – such as Chrvches, Fatherson, Prides, Biffy Clyro and The Killers.
Posable Action Figures pic

POSABLE ACTION FIGURES have already picked up airplay on Radio 1 for their recent single ‘Cut’, been tipped as one of, Vic Galloway of BBC Radio Scotland’s bands to watch in 2017 as well as being invited to start the year with a performance on STV. With a self-titled debut E.P. under their belt that was described as “marvellous” by The Scotsman and “Something a little bit special… an EP of the highest quality” by Netsounds, Posable Action Figures have developed a reputation for catchy punchy tunes paired with an explosive live show. Regular air play through 2016 and a jam packed gig schedule helped the band build an enthusiastic fan base.

Posable Action Figures latest single ‘Hummingbird’ on Glass Records

Noah Noah’s latest single ‘Thick as Thieves’ on Big Sound Cartel

Tickets here: Feastival

Live Review – Cabbage, The Shimmer Band, Stereo, Glasgow

Explosive psychedelic rock outfit The Shimmer Band are full of confidence, swagger and energy and have been causing quite the stir with their quick rise of prolific support slots and high-praised press.
The Bristol band are absolutely destined for the festival fields, huge venues, stadiums even, with their re-brand of psychedelic synth rock which takes it’s roots from many of the 90s greats such as the Verve, and Primal Scream but their set is full of modern flourishes. Enormously uplifting, the band’s epic sound is apparent on single ‘Shoot Me (Baby)’ with it’s terrace-style chant and almighty Stooges style stomp and bursts of electronica which punctuate throbbing bass and spiky guitar. It is destined to be a festival anthem.
The most promising tracks of their set, included latest single ‘Jacknife And The Death Call’ and ‘Sunkick’ which is brimming with Primal Scream swagger. Whilst ‘Freedom’ is a hands in the air chorus heavy track.

The band already have an arsenal of songs which only add to their rapidly rising reputation. Euphoric, powerful and gloriously uplifting, here’s to the summer, and festivals when we can belt out their tunes to great abandon.
The Shimmer Band
Regardless of the fantastic set from The Shimmer Band before them, the swelling crowd were really focused on band of the moment Cabbage.
Certainly, they are one of most hyped bands in the country right now, and everybody seems to have an opinion of them and their left wing political lyricism. The sold out eclectic crowd at Stereo is made up of indie kids, curious kids, (and their parents) and aging skinheads, and everyone in between which further highlight Cabbage’s broad appeal in uniting people.
As soon as Mossley outfit Cabbage saunter onto the stage to the ‘Rawhide’ theme, they then proceed to tear through a solid set of immersive post-punk and unashamedly abrasive left-wing, political tracks. There is an underlying atmosphere that the band are intent on causing chaos and opinion than conforming.

‘Uber Capitalist Death Trade’ stands out as one of tonight’s many highlights, its primitive chorus is brash, obnoxious and full of punk vigour.
‘Terrorist Synthesizer’ simply mirrors raucous pissed up nature of tonight’s crowd as both crowd and band bustle around and are chucked over the frenzied crowd below. Whilst, Kevin’ is delivered as a stomping track reminiscent of The Fall.
The band perform with wild abandon and deliver a set full of anger, political spit fury and pure pride of being lower class.
‘Necroflat In The Palace’ and the America/ Trump bashing, ‘Free Steven Avery (Wrong America)’, simply rile up the crowd further. ‘Necroflat…’ sneers hatred at the Royals’ and their awareness of the dark underbelly of celebrity behaviours, as both band and crowd chant “I was born in the NHS, I wanna die in NHS”, as the band lead the crowd in rousing hands in the air protest before diving back into the crowd.
Whilst ‘It’s Grim Up North Korea’ and ‘Gibraltar Ape’ go down well with the adoring frenzied crowd.

Cabbage’s astute cynicism is apparent throughout their set and their impish humour (‘Dinnerlady’) is unapologetic in its soundtrack for this unsettled and angry era. If you don’t like the look of what we are currently witnessing then look away now as it’s only about to get worse as Cabbage narrate brexit Britain.
Believe the hype.

Posted by Stacy Rowan

Edinburgh’s Hogmanay 2016/17

Edinburgh’s Hogmanay had a strong line up, showcasing some of Scotland’s fantastic acts including Paolo Nutini, Frightened Rabbit, Fatherson and Be Charlotte, as well as indie hereos The Charlatans.
Feast took to the street party with the throngs and brought in the bells with an outstanding classic laden set from The Charlatans.

First up on the Waverley stage was Dundonian band Be Charlotte.
After firmly establishing herself in the consciousness of Scotland’s blogs and press with a serious of great sets at festivals up and down the country. Be Charlotte won over the crowd with her colourful stage attire and blend of innovative pop compositions,rapping in her dulcet tones, sweeping, impassioned vocal power and gritty beat-boxing loops.
The band delivered a colourful and confident performance, and bigger stages are sure to beckon. This year certainly looks set to be a big one for Be Charlotte.

Next up were new Scottish heroes Fatherson.
Following on from their sold out show at the Barras, the band look elated to see the massive crowd snaking up Waverley bridge.
Fatherson recieved a strong reception and the crowd’s appreciation was clear as the band led a soaring, rousing sing along. Vocalist Ross Leighton’s powerful yet gentle voice powered the band through their dynamic set.
Given their impressive own brand of melodic anthems, and sold out shows, the Ayrshire band are hotly tipped to be Scotland’s breakthrough band of 2017.
The Charlatans brought in 2017 with a career defining bells straddling set, mixing old and new throughout.
From the unmisstakeable opening hammond organ of ‘Weirdo’, the Charlies delivered a celebratory set of sing alongs with ‘Blackened Blue Eyes’, ‘Tellin Stories’ and ‘How High’.
With 2016 promptly told where to go, waved off and with fireworks seemingly going off in every direction, The Charlatans launched into 2017 with glorious abandon as the indie anthems of ‘North Country Boy’, ‘You’re So Pretty’ and ‘The Only One I Know’ were unleashed onto the fever pitch party crowd.

Whilst most bands at this stage in their career would be bored and tired of touring and playing the same songs over. The Charlatans and (never ageing) Tim Burgees in particular seem to be even more up for it, playing with renewed vigour.
Perhaps the band are on extra shots of Tim Peak’s coffee or maybe it’s the realisation that they are a classic band, playing and releasing on their own terms now and that they have the arsenal of anthems to make a gig like this seem like a proper celebratory gig. Or maybe they just wanted to slam the door on 2016 like the rest of us and have a big party.

Returning to the stage for a triumphant encore, and closing with ‘Sproston Green’ certainly proves that The Charlatans are still not only relevant but are full of exciting ideas for the future.

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LINKYLEA in the city: OCT 21-22 2016 – Tickets Available

Linkylea 2016

Feast will be in attendance at Linkylea Festival which has moved indoors this year to the wonderful Stramash venue in the Cowgate. In the words of our friends at Linkylea:

It’s Linkylea except it’s in the city. A weekend of music, art, best pals and all of the delights you have come to expect from your lovely local festie.
As ever, we will be fundraising for the Linkylea Trust, as well as supporting local artists and musicians. Tidy.”

Featuring: Adam Stafford; Ded Rabbit; Miasma; Honey Farm; Animal Hospital; Dorey The Wise; Logans Close; The Bad Touch; Miracle Glass Company and many more!
Tickets here: http://linkyleafestival.org.uk/buy-tickets