T in the Park

Feast put their party hats on and headed up to Sunday’s T in The Park, to celebrate the 20th birthday of the Balado behemoth which baked in glorious sunshine. There was a definite fiesta to be had!

The festival has come under a lot of criticism for it’s recent line up with fans blasting the increasing commercial and X- factor pop contingent, however there were some great bands playing, and an array of fantastic new Scottish talent was showcased over the weekend.

Deap Vally had an early start, looking like a rock n roll, trailer version of Thelma & Louise, they played their take on White Stripes stripped back, blues rock riffage, with tracks such as Walk of Shame and Baby I Call Hell were greeted by loud hollers from the hungover crowd.
On the main stage Earth, Wind and Fire got the crowd dancing to ‘Boogie Wonderland’ and several disco hits, some would say a strange booking, but people ran from all directions to dance in the dusty sunshine disco.

We popped by to see The 1975, to be met with a heaving tent and from what we saw ‘Chocolate’, The 1975 look to be another band who could do well once their debut album drops.
Disclosure could easily be dismissed as remashed deep house, however the brothers delivered a strong set of their own material, which the young crowd sung back with loud exuberance. Tracks such as ‘White Noise’ in which Aluna of AlunaGeorge dropped by to was lapped up with wild abandon.

The ascendant of Chvrches over the past year has been quite remarkable, and one that looks set to continue with a dramatic and energetic performance, showcasing from their forthcoming electro synth pop debut album. The next big Scottish export for sure.

Foals are another band who look likely to soon be stepping up the headline big league, but unfortunately the crowd seemed largely uninterested with the band’s soaring angular indie, and preferred to clap politely and wait for David Guetta…

Dundee’s Fat Goth also put in a notable performance , drawing a large crowd to the T Break stage. A fast rock band with slithers of metal, delivering loud, raw riffs. The trio powered through tracks from their debut Stud. Energetic and visceral, Fat Goth should be the next Dundee band on everyone’s lips.

Stand out performance of the day was New Yoik’s juggernaut Yeah Yeah Yeah’s who stormed through their headline set at the King Tut’s tent with Karen O delivering a electrifying performance as a red Majorette minx.

Launching straight into Sacrilege and Gold Lion it was intense spiky introduction, the YYY’s stamping their arrival and leaving the indie kids in a heaving, sweaty mess. The band trail blazed through their back catalogue with Cold Light, Heads Will Roll and Miles Away all receiving a fevered welcome.

Ending with Zero and returning on stage with THAT jacket, a touching Maps and a snarling finale of Date with the Night, the YYY’s delivered a blistering set full of proper rock n roll, which the heaving crowd lapped up, and ended with Karen O shoving the mic down her pants. Exhilarating.

That was it for the day, as Feast made their way through the site, bodies and bottles strewn from the aftermath of the four-day bender, the booming voice over the tannoy announcing next year’s ticket sales, just moments after the fireworks overhead finished. Party overkill Mr. Ellis, and we left wondering if the thousands left would accept their ‘invite’ to next year’s party?