“Tonights The Night”


Yes as the great Neil Young said, tonights the night as we host an extravaganza of musical delights as 7 new labels launch their debut singles from their first artists. Chaos may ensue but hopefully everything will go to plan or thereabouts (fingers crossed). Should be a great night.

The Cosmonauts with their energetic guitar riffs, atmospheric cello and lyrics that resonate, bringing the passion and excitement of a bygone era bang up to date with a heart pounding crash.

The Well Rested – music made by Oliver Ninnis, James Albon and Tim Davey with a mic tied to a cymbal stand by a sock.

Hotel India and their pop/rock/psychedelia/indie groove

Onetzu – after his childhood, raised by wolves and fundamentalist protestants in the wilderness, Onetzu arrived in Edinburgh, made himself a microphone out of tin cans, old shoes and bits of discarded furniture. He’s never been the same since – rapper’s delight!

The Maybes – a guitar based band from the South Side of Glasgow

Silvertongue – 22 year old emcee, born in the Highlands. Now lives in Edinburgh.

Panda Trap – Alternative rock band from Perth

See you at the bar for a few shandys!!

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